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Data Governance: The Foundation for Salesforce Security – featuring Jeff DiMuro

Do you know what data you’re storing in Salesforce? Data Classification is the first step to ensuring Salesforce is aligned to your company’s Security Posture. Learn how to categorize and classify your Salesforce Data. Discover how to implement “principle of least privileged” best practices. RevCult and Jeff DiMuro Chief Security & Compliance Architect at Salesforce […]

Salesforce Security: “How Hackers Think” w. Guest Expert – Mike Smith, Security Architect at Salesforce

Roman Seleznev aka Track2 is known as one of the most prolific cyber-criminals for his role in a $50 million cyberfraud ring involving online identity and credit card theft. Guest expert Mike Smith, Security Architect at Salesforce, tells this shocking story of Seleznev to illustrate key considerations businesses must take to protect their customer data […]

What smart CEOs know: Want more sales? Focus on your Go-to-Market strategy first!

  When sales are not where they should be, one common “solution” to dealing with lackluster or unprofitable growth is to replace members of the marketing and/or sales team. This often does not have the desired effect since the root cause for lower than possible revenue growth frequently lies in the company’s strategic approach. As […]

Get Personal With Your Buyers

As consumers, we are bombarded with marketing messages for products and services that either appeal to us or are completely irrelevant. As a marketer, the challenge of getting in front of your prospective and existing buyers is becoming more and more difficult every day. Thus, understanding your buyers is critical in creating, executing and measuring […]