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Data Governance: Salesforce Governance for Healthcare

  Rachel Beard, Principal Security Architect for Salesforce, joins RevCult data security experts Pete Thurston and Brian Olearczyk to explore developments in the Health & Life Sciences space. Learn how organizations are currently thinking about securing sensitive data, whether it’s patient data or intellectual property and competitive insights. Companies are also navigating the transition of […]

Data Governance: Are your Salesforce Audit Reports Auditable?

  If you’re like most of our customers, you’re gaining tremendously more value out of Salesforce than the original “CRM” you implemented. Have your auditors kept pace with their understanding of Salesforce? What are the common controls that auditors are focusing on in your Salesforce instance? Special guest Cory Cowgill, CTO of Fusion Risk Management, […]

Data Governance: Data Protection for Salesforce with Jeff DiMuro

Security in the Clouds’ veteran guest Jeff DiMuro from Salesforce joins us to discuss how to establish the proper data protection and data confidentiality techniques for your Salesforce instance. Learn how to ensure authentication credentials for applications and databases are sufficiently strong. Discover how to use event tools to trigger alerts for anomalous behavior.

Data Governance: While Working Remote

Join us for a virtual fireside chat, it’s time for some Salesforce security & governance community-building! We explore how RevCult bridges the gap between data security and humanity. Tune in to hear how you can learn from our security experts how to align your Salesforce to your security posture. Hang out with us to get […]

Data Governance: What Dark secrets lurk in your Salesforce instance?

  Salesforce only has Sales and Marketing information, right? WRONG! Over the years, Salesforce has grown and evolved exponentially. Companies are leveraging Salesforce in many ways, adding even more sensitive customer data to the platform. While Salesforce is very secure, it’s still a platform that can be implemented in a way that puts your data […]

Data Governance: Salesforce Governance Doesn’t Have to Be Scary!

  Does your company too quickly close the door on Salesforce governance questions and pretend it’s not relevant? If so, you won’t want to miss this cross-functional team of experts review how the world’s best in class organizations approach Salesforce governance. Tune in now to discover what you need to know about the Salesforce Shared […]

Data Governance: Time to Define Your 2020 Salesforce Security Resolutions

  Is Salesforce security and compliance a key resolution?  If so and like all resolutions, it starts with an honest assessment of your current state to inform and prioritize the daily, weekly, and monthly steps to execute upon your resolution.  Listen now to discover the key elements you should include in your Salesforce assessment.  We’ll […]