Data Governance: Salesforce Governance for Healthcare


Rachel Beard, Principal Security Architect for Salesforce, joins RevCult data security experts Pete Thurston and Brian Olearczyk to explore developments in the Health & Life Sciences space. Learn how organizations are currently thinking about securing sensitive data, whether it’s patient data or intellectual property and competitive insights. Companies are also navigating the transition of data storage from on-premises to the cloud, and rethinking their security posture, as a result. It’s at this point that the Shared Responsibility model is useful for understanding the native security controls that Salesforce offers and where InfoSec, Salesforce COEs, and Compliance teams need to step up and collaborate on how controls are configured and whether additional security products are needed. We also touch on best practices for managing regulatory compliance for HITRUST, GDPR, CCPA, and more. Rachel shares practical advice about who needs to be part of a company’s data governance team, and recommendations for who should lead the implementation and enforcement of data governance policy. During the live Q&A, Rachel fielded questions on Salesforce Shield vs out-of-the-box security controls and the importance of spending time on a thorough data classification exercise.


Data Governance: Are your Salesforce Audit Reports Auditable?


If you’re like most of our customers, you’re gaining tremendously more value out of Salesforce than the original “CRM” you implemented. Have your auditors kept pace with their understanding of Salesforce? What are the common controls that auditors are focusing on in your Salesforce instance? Special guest Cory Cowgill, CTO of Fusion Risk Management, Salesforce MVP and “Wall of Famer,” shares the brilliant basics on how to audit your Salesforce instance. Tune in now to learn which assets are essential in an audit process. Cory uncovers the key challenges auditors face when understanding your Salesforce data. Learn simple steps to create audit reports within your Salesforce instance. Get the exclusive on the most popular security controls that auditors use for their encryption tools. Discover the ultimate auditor’s guide to Salesforce – this is a can’t-miss episode!


Data Governance: Data Protection for Salesforce with Jeff DiMuro

Security in the Clouds’ veteran guest Jeff DiMuro from Salesforce joins us to discuss how to establish the proper data protection and data confidentiality techniques for your Salesforce instance. Learn how to ensure authentication credentials for applications and databases are sufficiently strong. Discover how to use event tools to trigger alerts for anomalous behavior.

Data Governance: Remote Workforce Management for your Salesforce Environment

Tune in to listen as Mike Mason of FairWarning, along with Brian Olearczyk and Pete Thurston of RevCult, discuss how to monitor for anomalous events, and documenting both current states and modified states of any changes to facilitate an error-free recovery. Discover the compensating controls that need to be in place to help ensure the security of your Salesforce platform. Learn how to protect against common threats such as misconfigured security settings, password policy change, and/or exfiltration of data.

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Data Governance: While Working Remote

Join us for a virtual fireside chat, it’s time for some Salesforce security & governance community-building! We explore how RevCult bridges the gap between data security and humanity. Tune in to hear how you can learn from our security experts how to align your Salesforce to your security posture. Hang out with us to get the tools you need to secure your Salesforce data and talk about Shield implementation best practices, tips on how to conduct a data risk assessment and key factors of change management for enabling a remote workforce – all coming to you from our home offices as we work remote, too!

Data Governance: What Dark secrets lurk in your Salesforce instance?


Salesforce only has Sales and Marketing information, right? WRONG! Over the years, Salesforce has grown and evolved exponentially. Companies are leveraging Salesforce in many ways, adding even more sensitive customer data to the platform. While Salesforce is very secure, it’s still a platform that can be implemented in a way that puts your data at risk. So how do you know Salesforce is implemented in a way that meets your compliance needs? And how do you actually align your Salesforce implementation to your security posture? It all starts with data governance, the foundation for Salesforce security. Data governance provides the ability to effectively manage data using appropriate controls throughout the information lifecycle to meet various internal and external requirements. We’ll explain the basics and then dive into the more complex topics on how Salesforce, the lifecycle of customer data, and regulatory compliance can all effectively co-exist. Learn the nuances of Salesforce and what questions to ask your Salesforce team to ensure Salesforce is implemented in a way that aligns to your security posture! Listen NOW!

Data Governance: Salesforce Governance Doesn’t Have to Be Scary!


Does your company too quickly close the door on Salesforce governance questions and pretend it’s not relevant? If so, you won’t want to miss this cross-functional team of experts review how the world’s best in class organizations approach Salesforce governance. Tune in now to discover what you need to know about the Salesforce Shared Responsibility Model.

Data Governance: Salesforce Governance Guide for Banking and Credit Unions ft. Silverline



As Banks and Credit Unions look to realize greater return on investment from their digital transformation initiatives, the presence of a strong governance strategy is a leading indicator of success. Centers of Excellence are no longer an option; they are a critical component of goal-setting and execution within this highly-regulated market. During our session, you’ll hear how to align compliance, security and Salesforce Center of Excellence objectives. Discover how to define encryption, event monitoring, and reporting requirements.

Data Governance: Time to Define Your 2020 Salesforce Security Resolutions


Is Salesforce security and compliance a key resolution?  If so and like all resolutions, it starts with an honest assessment of your current state to inform and prioritize the daily, weekly, and monthly steps to execute upon your resolution.  Listen now to discover the key elements you should include in your Salesforce assessment.  We’ll also discuss Salesforce Shield and how best to apply it in your Org.  Based on the Risk Assessments we completed in 2019: 86% of all users have Read and Edit access to sensitive data.