Salesforce Security: Solving Platform Encryption – featuring John Whelan

The puzzle is easy to solve when you have all the pieces and the proper techniques. Listen now on how to solve Platform Encryption for the initial implementation and ongoing compliance.

What are the compliance benefits of Platform Encryption? Listen Now!

Data Governance: Data Inventory for Salesforce – with Jeff DiMuro feat. Marla Hay

Data Inventory is the first step to implement proper Data Governance for Salesforce.  In part two of our podcast series with guest experts Jeff DiMuro, Chief Security & Compliance Architect at Salesforce and Marla Hay, Director of Product, Privacy & Data Governance we will explain step-by-step, how to conduct data inventory using best practices, standards and advanced tools. In this episode we’ll cover how to know what data is living in your Salesforce org. Also, we will discover how to set restrictions on how data can be used.

Do you know what data is living in your Salesforce? Listen Now!

Data Governance: The Foundation for Salesforce Security – featuring Jeff DiMuro

Do you know what data you’re storing in Salesforce? Data Classification is the first step to ensuring Salesforce is aligned to your company’s Security Posture. Learn how to categorize and classify your Salesforce Data. Discover how to implement “principle of least privileged” best practices. RevCult and Jeff DiMuro Chief Security & Compliance Architect at Salesforce have partnered together to unravel the steps to take to accomplish the path to compliance.

Learn what to look for when assigning severity levels and identify who has access to sensitive information. Listen Now!

Salesforce Security: “How Hackers Think” w. Guest Expert – Mike Smith, Security Architect at Salesforce

Roman Seleznev aka Track2 is known as one of the most prolific cyber-criminals for his role in a $50 million cyberfraud ring involving online identity and credit card theft.

Guest expert Mike Smith, Security Architect at Salesforce, tells this shocking story of Seleznev to illustrate key considerations businesses must take to protect their customer data from hackers, and common mistakes to avoid.

Learn how to take advantage of Salesforce’s security capabilities to make your customer data more secure. Listen Now!

The Key to Being an Exceptional Salesperson

I’ve spent the past couple of decades in the field of sales. I’ve been around long enough to have learned a few things and I’ve come to understand that experience can be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing comes from the experiential knowledge that is gained from each sales engagement. The curse comes from getting comfortable and not recognizing when the game has changed.  
Sales, like every profession, is radically different today than it was just a few years ago. Unfortunately, many companies have been slow to recognize the change and have failed to help their salespeople adjust to the new way – leaving companies and salespeople frustrated by disappointing results.
To understand what has changed, let’s look at how sales has evolved over the past 20+ years. 

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Your GTM Plan – The Foundation to Building Your Revenue Strategies

Recently, my colleague Andreas Schenck wrote about the importance of having a Go-To-Market (GtM) plan. It should come as no surprise that I couldn’t agree more! In his blog post, Andreas provided several tools that are helpful to establish the direction and strategies for your company. I’m going to elaborate on these strategies and provide some steps to help document and capture your GtM plans to articulate and communicate the strategy across your team.

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What smart CEOs know: Want more sales? Focus on your Go-to-Market strategy first!

When sales are not where they should be, one common “solution” to dealing with lackluster or unprofitable growth is to replace members of the marketing and/or sales team. This often does not have the desired effect since the root cause for lower than possible revenue growth frequently lies in the company’s strategic approach. As the CEO, that’s your action item to address. In this blog, I want to share some simple and tested methods to build a go-to-market strategy that allows your Marketing, Sales and Account teams to rock!  

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Get Personal With Your Buyers

As consumers, we are bombarded with marketing messages for products and services that either appeal to us or are completely irrelevant. As a marketer, the challenge of getting in front of your prospective and existing buyers is becoming more and more difficult every day. Thus, understanding your buyers is critical in creating, executing and measuring your sales and marketing strategies. As a business leader, how well do you know your buyers?

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Q4: It's Time to Tune-Up Your Revenue Engine

My first car was a 1967 VW Squareback – a classic.  I bought it used and it was more than 10 years old when I purchased it. It was a simple car with a basic engine that ran great (as long as I kept oil in it). Outside of the routine maintenance, I only fixed my car when it broke. If I was lucky, my car would warn me when something was about to happen. It might start performing sluggishly, idle rough or make strange noises to give me a warning that my engine needed work. Then, I’d take it to my mechanic. He would diagnose the problem and let me know what needed to be fixed; hopefully before any major repairs were needed.

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Keeping Your COO Happy…From Shadow IT to Citizen Developer

Just before last month’s Dreamforce event, Salesforce announced the App Cloud, a tool helping companies quickly build business applications. The App Cloud is a set of tools that will align the CTO and COO to support Line-of-Business (LOB) functions. Why?
Because quite often, an enterprise IT shop has a huge backlog of requests, and the COO wish list usually falls to the bottom of the list due to higher priorities for client-facing features, market demands, and compliance. The App Cloud provides a path leveraging “Citizen Development” while maintaining Enterprise level security.

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